2012-04-18 21:59:17 by Keegs

Hello Internet,

I've been hard at work on Youtube videos on my channel, Keegan DHI. Check that out here!

I've been working on lots of new music, from Alt Rock to Trance to Classical. I try to keep it diverse. It keeps things sounding fresh! Hope you guys enjoy! :)


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2012-04-20 06:18:07

You're gonna have to give it a bit of juice buddy! There's a lotta competition out there, & we need the best you've got! Spill your beans and work hard & you'll get there.

Keegs responds:

I'm not trying to be successful! Just trying to have fun :)


2012-06-20 17:11:07

Diversity is good, though, your alt rock/punk music is probably my favorite, then Trance/techno and classical is ohk iguess but anyways You're music always sounds fresh lol